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John Earl CELEBRATING REAGAN'S TUESDAY, NOV. 4, 1980 VICTORY in his election night get-up photographed by David York inside THE CHUKKER published in the Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1980 edition of THE TUSCALOOSA NEWS.
Listen to the Carole Hennessey Trio w/Jerome Hopkins on keys

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

David Adkins, Mitch Goodson, Frank Tanton

The balloons were donated by the good members of my senior class.
These beautiful gold balloons most certainly were not donated by
the absolutely awful, sick minded & demented
SORRY BASTARDS of the DHS Class of '68
stone cold refused



Mitch Goodson

David Adkins on Guitar & Carl Adams on keyboards (ed. note: Carl is the brother of DHS Sr. '68 Jo Ann Adams who came to Cowboys Sunday afternoon to see Mitch & the Capers rock the crowd!)

Mitch Goodson & The Capers Making Their Magic!

image courtesy of cindi

Lamar Alley,Carl Adams, Mitch Goodson, Wayne Andrews and Frankie Davis.

image courtesy of cindi
MITCH GOODSON & THE CAPERS (please help us ID these cats)
Lamar Alley. Wayne Andrews, Mitch Goodson, Carl Adams and Frankie Davis.
(UNCERTAIN ID not the responsibility of rbiii

L to R: Mitch Goodson,Jeff Peacock, WILBUR, ROCKER
, Jimmy Dean, Terry Collins, Buddy Buie


I'm sad to say, my old friend, and fellow musician, Kenneth Griffith, passed away today at his home in Dothan... When Kenneth didn't show up for our "Monday Night Jam Session", Carl Adams, and Mitch Goodson went to his house and discovered his body... They said he appeared to have died peacefully in his sleep... I met Kenneth in High School and we played together in several bands over the years... Kenneth was a gentle soul with a sharp wit, and tremendous talent... He will be missed...
Frank Tanton

The first time I ever saw Kenneth Griffith play was in an old radio studio above
Hugo Griggs Carpet Store
about a block east the old Houston Hotel
that a lot of bands used for practice. I don't remember who all was in the band, but I believe Lamar Alley was the guitar player and Wayne Paulk was the singer. They did a hell of a rendition of "Kansas City." The year may have been 1968 or 69 or 70?????

I remember Kenneth playing around with a fretless bass.
I had never seen a rock & roller play bass like that. Prior to that, I had only heard Jaco Pastorius, a Brazilian jazz musician in Flora Purim's band play fretless.

It was almost like hearing someone play a slide bass, only with fingers doing the slide rather than a steel or a bottle.

A really haunting sound.

Kenneth was a hell of a bassplayer.
J. Hodges

H, Robert.
I sent you an email the other day, but I’m not sure it ever went to anywhere you could see it. I’m the Kenneth Griffith who’s in several of the pictures that Frank Tanton sent you and that you posted on your blog. I was an original member of Beaverteeth and Strawdog. I also played with Wilbur in a group called Blackhawk in the early seventies, and I played with Mitch Goodson and the Kapers in the mid-seventies.

As a charter member of Beaverteeth, I got to spend time at Studio One in Doraville when Buddy Buie was building the studio and putting the ARS together. At that time Rodney Justo was the singer, and Ronnie Hammond was an assistant engineer. They also had a great saxophone player who was one of the writers of ‘Spookie.’ I’ve forgotten his name, but he never became a member of the group. All that was pretty impressive stuff for someone like me.

Anyway, I’m trying to find a CD of the first Atlanta Rhythm Section album. My old vinyl copy is too worn out for me to make my own copy. I see where Buddy Bui posts to your blog, maybe you could put my request out there and someone will know where I can get a copy.

Thanks for the help. I bookmarked your blog, so you can count me as a regular visitor from now on.


THE OLD DUTCH TAVERN, 2801 Hwy 98, W. Panama City Beach Fla. Phone 234-2102

Looking through the ads at the end of the '67 Corolla brought us this gem. If you remember C.F. Stiles or Betty Koehler, please contact "Cuba,Alabama" and please, please, somebody forward this to Mitch Goodson! (ed. note: Mitch played at the Old Dutch when he was a child!)

I just got off the phone with Mitch Goodson. He is going to drop by the
shop and I'll get Frank Tanton, Doug and David Morris, David Adkins and
Jimmy Dean's brother Robert Dean
, who booked all of us during this period,
over and if we can hold it in the road long enough we'll try to get some
straight info, well, we'll have straight info until a wheel runs off. Mitch
has been disabled for some time now but brought up his working for three
different owners at the Old Dutch. His parents would take him to work there
when he was fifteen.
He said Lamar Spence of the Impacts helped him get in,
The Impacts, there's a flash from the past.
Mitch also had two recordings
make the Billboard Top 100.

We also need to see if WBAM archived any of the Big Bam Shows during this
Period. I know Larry Coe played several concerts there as did all the
aforementioned pickers with the exception of moi.

Sun, 10 Jul 2005 18:31:35 -0400
Dothan Magazine

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you til now. I am having problems
getting emails out on my regular email . We will be
glad to send you the article and photos from the magazine. I will get
my Art Director to send it Monday. If you will give me your mailing
address, I will be glad to put you on the comp list and also send you
copies of our first issues. Thanks for the history info. We started a
regular history feature in the last 2 issues and plan to continue as long as
people are interested.
I too have some early roots in music. I grew up in Notasulga (between
Tuskegee and Auburn) and went to school with Marvin Taylor
.. and was
friends with Kim Venable... naturally was a big fan of the K-Otics. Later
had a booking agency and night club in Auburn (Village Attractions).
Buddy helped line me up with some concert acts including ARS. We helped
Wilbur Walton

put together a group (of Dothan guys) and they stayed
with us in Auburn for over a year. My partner in the Auburn agency was
from Columbia and used to play with Mitch Goodson & The Capers in high
Didn't know if you knew it or not, but Bill J. Moody from WBAM days is
now working as sales manager in Dothan for The Radio People, a group of
stations here. We plan to do a story on him in the near future.
I appreciate the mention of the murals in Dothan. I have been on the
Mural committee ever since we started it. We do have a Music Mural
penciled in on our list of future murals. We have been trying to find

that would bring us some financial help, but I feel sure that we will
get 'er done sooner or later.
Let me know if I can be of any future assistance. Keep up the good work
with your site!
Robin Rainer

"Psychedelic States: Alabama in the 60s, Vol. 1" also includes Dothan's K-Pers performing "Red Invasion" from ' 68; Tuscaloosa's The Omen and Their Luv performing "Maybe Later"; and This Side Up playing "Why Can't I Dream"[according to my files, This Side Up included Ronnie Seitel, Frank Friedman and Art Shilling].
The K-Per's "Red Invasion" is also featured on an album entitled "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: 28 MegaMania and Elusive ' 60s Garage Punkers."

Steamhead Records out of Germany is selling an ASCOT 2205 45 of Dothan's James Gang performing "Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo" and "Satin and Lace". Jeff Lemlich discovered that "Wrong Yo-Yo" by The James Gang made it all the way to # 46 on Miami's WFUN the week of March 25, 1966. Any information about Wilbur Walton Jr. and The James Gang will also be appreciated.

If any of this stuff jogs some memories let me know.
Music From '72 Will Get You In The Mood To Enjoy The Next Image I post on FB.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If you ever wanted a reason to eliminate local, county, state and federal government agencies, look at this schedule of fines from the 1967 business reply mail envelope in which you sent your fines to
THE TUSCALOOSA MUNICIPAL COURT. These fines were just punishment but compare them to the greed of the current regimes and you see why we want to eliminate every CITY YARD, COUNTY YARD, STATE YARD & FEDERAL YARD in this country, open all government services up to open bid contracts on the Internet & FIRE ALL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES!
That's the headline Mary Calurso or somebody @ the B'ham News put in the paper on Fri., Sept. 3.
We showl do 'preciate it, Mary Calurso & the B'ham News.

raised over $40,000 to fight ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease.
When this video was filmed, Albert Collins was 60 yrs. old. He had just released COLLINS MIX: THE BEST OF ALBERT COLLINS & his life work had placed him at the top of the world's greatest blues guitarists. He was at the peak of his power. That's when he found out he had cancer & six months later he was dead. Go to show when you get to be our age, ya need to listen to that "VOICE WITHIN", smell the roses & ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN!

Monday, September 27, 2010

SINCLAIR Map From '64
I've been blogging since Feb. of '03 & I swear it ain't nothing but A PARTY!
After my email blast last night, I got this from the Alabama Record Collectors:


Just a note to say thanks for the recognition! We saw an immediate surge in visitors after you linked our article on the Ramrods. We’ve forwarded this information to Chris Bishop so hopefully he will be including the Ramrods on his site.

If we can help you in some way please let us know. Thanks again!

Robert E.


Just a note to say thanks for the recognition! We saw an immediate surge in visitors after you linked our article on the Ramrods. We’ve forwarded this information to Chris Bishop so hopefully he will be including the Ramrods on his site.

If we can help you in some way please let us know. Thanks again!

Robert Ellis

I already made a speech at Kiwanis. Back in '65 @ the Houston Hotel. Frank Moss Gaines got me out of school & took me down there to tell about going to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, N.M.


If they was any way you could work ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA or "robertoreg" into yo' speech, it word showl be 'preciated, Mittuh Buddy.

Since the show Sept. 10 Google results for "robertoreg" have gone from 2400 to 2720.
That's a lot of new links in only two weeks.

Please keep me in mind at Kiwanis.



After my email blast last night, I got this from the Alabama Record Collectors:


Just a note to say thanks for the recognition! We saw an immediate surge in visitors after you linked our article on the Ramrods. We’ve forwarded this information to Chris Bishop so hopefully he will be including the Ramrods on his site.

If we can help you in some way please let us know. Thanks again!

Robert Ellis

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It doesn't matter to me that I never participated in Dothan High football. It was enough for me that in the Spring of '65, Miss Ray let me sit up on top of the towel cage of the girl's locker room at Young Jr. for an entire day and watch every girl in Young Jr. take off her clothes.
Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010 was the the BICENTENNIAL OF THE ADVENT OF THE BONNIE BLUE FLAG & THE WEST FLORIDA REVOLUTION which occurred in Baton Rouge on Sept. 23, 1810. This was the first successful CONQUEST of Spanish colonial power in THE NEW WORLD. The last place the Spanish Crown held was Cuba & that ended with the Spanish American War. Fidel's Daddy came over from Europe to support the Spanish in that conflict.


Last night in Dunedin:

My wife and I are more dis­crim­i­nat­ing than most when it comes to lis­ten­ing to bands play­ing live. I was raised in radio. My Dad man­aged sta­tions around the South­east in the ’60’s and ’70’s. I first hit the air in 1967 and worked my way up to KSRR-FM, an ABC net­work owned an oper­ated sta­tion in Hous­ton. I also worked in Atlanta and New Orleans, and a few places I’d rather for­get. In addi­tion to being an air per­son­al­ity I was also the pro­duc­tion director.

I know what it is to run a board. I know very good bands from very pro­fes­sional bands. My wife and I were not an ordi­nary cou­ple lis­ten­ing on the lawn last night in Dunedin.

Cut to the chase: After the first thirty sec­onds of the first set Mary and I turned to each other and, with our decades of lis­ten­ing expe­ri­ence, simul­ta­ne­ously asked, “Who ARE these guys?!”.

Honey, this ain’t no bar band.”

No, I think this may be a stage of stu­dio musi­cians, at the very least.”

We wuz blown away. Mary whooped and hollered (age 56) after every number; her high­est compliment.

This morn­ing we went to YouTube and Coo Coo Ca Choo’s web­site. Now we know.

Jeez, no wonder.

After the show (by the way, every­one on the lawn wanted and loved that encore) we went to the tent and highly com­pli­mented the sound man. He did a fantastic job.

Rod­ney, I may have inter­viewed you at WNOE-FM in New Orleans when “So Into You” was released. I wish I could remem­ber which mem­bers came to the sta­tion that day. ‘NOE was in the Quar­ter at 529 Bienville. Bobby Reno was Pro­gram Direc­tor of the FM. CC Court­ney was P.D. of the AM.

Thanks for an excel­lent show. We’ll be see­ing more of you for sure.

Please for­ward this to the band and any­one else that may want our highly crit­i­cal opin­ion of one of the best bands we’ve heard any­where. You guys were damn good; best stage pres­ence and musi­cally gifted per­for­mance we’ve seen in a long time.

Dean (and Mary) Hub­bard
Dunedin, FL

Today S.T. Bunn repaved Univ. Blvd. through campus. I'm sure they'll restripe it tomorrow. THE QUAD is as immaculate as Disneyworld so all those sorry stupid YANKEE bastard Florida fans oughta feel right at home neck SATTIDDEEE before having to eyewitness what unfortunately happenzzzz when you mess with THE INVINSIBLE SPIRIT OF THE CRIMSON TIDE!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

My name is Robert Register. I live in Northport across the river from Tuscaloosa and I grew up in Dothan.
I never missed a dance at the Rec Center in the mid-Sixties.
I have started a bunch of blogs which I wish you would take a few minutes and look over. I am very interested in financing a Dothan Rock 'N Roll mural in downtown Dothan and I have talked to people on the committee but it's basically a money thing.
Please check out my blogs and the attached material. I would love to hear from you.
Robert Register
This is my first blog and for the past nine months, I have dedicated it to Southern Rock.
This is about traveling to look at rock 'n roll landmarks.
This is about the idiots who are employed at our state universities.
This is a play about a white biology teacher teaching in an all black inner city school.
This is about a mad scientist who eliminates growth control in reptiles.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm an old Tuskeeloossee friend of John Allen (jackass) Cassady.
Seeing as how you trying to help writers, I've tried my hand at fiction twice.

About 15 yrs. ago I wrote a play about being the only light skinned male academic teacher in a B'ham high school and I wrote a sci-fi novel about a Jesus freak who decides to destroy the Earth by eliminating growth control in reptiles.

Check it out:

Robert Register
Met Jamey Johnson back in March. I mentioned Enterprise & he said he didn't know squat about Enterprise. Said the only reason he was born there was because his Daddy hated ALL the doctors in Troy. Well then & there we plotted to steal THE TICK. So next time you hear that somebody stole the weevil off the top of the monument, just go ahead & call HOMICIDE & tell 'em ROBERTOREG & JAMEY JOHNSON did it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So proud that when you google "CARA CARA BIRD", you get 1750 results & ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA is #2!
Phoebe~ My boss, Lee Pake, & his son, Kevin, along with their wives, are heading to NYC this morning for some sort of National Home Builders meeting. They'll be staying in Times Square. If you could just find one little bitty moment in your busy day where you could pass along to us a little information about MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET, we'd certainly appreciate it. They'll be looking for four tickets one night this week & will probably try to buy them at the last minute so they might be able to save a nickel. Any help you can give my bossman will showl be 'preciated, Miss Phoebe.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

courtesy of the 9-11-10 issue of the Dothan Eagle

by Lance Griffin

..."People always ask me, 'How do you write all those songs? Where do they come from?' "
(J.R.) Cobb shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know. Take a drink of whiskey..."

Friday, September 17, 2010

This sux so bad. Makes you wanna punch somebody hard on the end of the nose. One of the few artifacts of my HYSTERICAL career has disappeared. It took over 5 yrs. to get the SOUTHERN BOUNDARY OF THE UNITED STATES 1795-1819 HISTORIC MARKER put up by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission & the Houston County Commission on the 231 northbound lane right at the old fireworks stand on the Florida Line. Now it's gone. I'm gonna find out what happened.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Robert Register Looking forward to seeing everyone in Dothan tomorrow. I'll be at the Courtyard Marriott until Saturday morning. Heading to the beach on Sattiddee & you'll probably see me that night @ THE BEACH HOUSE BAR & GRILL , 19952 Front Beach Rd, LAGUNA BEACH!

Jerry Lee Lewis & his entire band appeared on THE VIEW today and he will perform on Broadway tomorrow night in the Nederlander Theatre along with Levi Kreis, who, in his first appearance on Broadway, won the 2010 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for portraying Jerry Lee in THE MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET. THE KILLER'S performance can be seen on the following replay of today's THE VIEW episode. Jerry Lee's performance begins at 27:35. You must watch two commercials but one can avoid wasting time watching 27 minutes & 34 seconds of this rotten TV show by dragging your mouse down to the bottom of the show and clicking on the white dot about three quarters the way down the time line. Barbara Walters was very complimentary of our friend, Phoebe, Jerry Lee's daughter and manager.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Had an incredible afternoon @ work. Had to trim out the interior of a front door on a house located in a pretty sketchy neighborhood. Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... They was LOTZZZZZZZZZ of people living in this house & I decided to trim out the door @ 4:30 which was peak business hours for their little juice & potato chip business so the whole time I'm trimming out the door, I've got it locked so the little kids on the porch won't knock me over trying to get in the house to buy juices & potato chips from my tenants. Try to visualize it in your mind's eye. IT WAS A CHARLIE CHAPLIN MOVIE!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Thought you might appreciate this. Oscar Saliba from Dothan posted it on his Facebook page.

OLivia L. Saliba Front: JoAnne Saliba, Oscar Saliba, Frank Saliba; Middle: Johnny Soteres, Olivia Saliba, George Saad, Patricia Saad; Back: ? ? ?; Standing: Aunt Martha (Darling) Sapp
Love this picture!

Oscar Saliba According to Angela Saad: Back row...Cindy Long Hudson, Margie Welch Green, and Sandra Sapp.

Friday, September 03, 2010

The cover story for the CW Thursday was the Muslim Student Association's celebration of Ramadan. If you ever want to ingratiate yourself to a Muslim here in Tuscaloosa just tell 'em the story about a copy of the Koran surviving the burning of the University by the Yankees in 1865.
Check out how they beeze talkin' about Old Tuskeeloossee on TURN TO ISLAM dot com.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

When Christopher and I met Eddie Floyd in Montgomery back in March, I introduced Christopher by saying that Christopher had once served Wilson Pickett his supper. Eddie responded,"Guess where I'm supposed to be right now. I'm supposed to be MCing a birthday party being given in Wilson's memory by his friends & family but I HAD to do this gig." The night we met Eddie, he inducted Eddie Levert of the O'Jays into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.
Dr. Robert Bentley - ALABAMA GOVERNOR

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Finalized all my plans today for next week. I'm staying @ the Marriott Courtyard in Dothan Thurs. & Fri. night. My son, Christopher, is coming down Fri. & we'll be at a table on the floor seated with Mike & Sherrie McCarty, THE OLD MAN & Sheriff Turner from LaGrange.Buddy & Becky won't be able to attend because Leslie is about to have a baby in Memphis. I'm leaving Dothan Saturday morning for three nights on PCB. I'll most likely be partying with the band at THE BEACH HOUSE Sattiddee night & at the jam session Sunday afternoon.Return to Tuscaloosa on Tues.