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A humorous satire from the July 23, 1908 issue of the PANAMA CITY PILOT concerning Dothan's BUCK BAKER:


The Dothan Eagle has an article on the time taken and the expenses incurred in notifying candidates of their nomination & etc. In connection with this subject, it says:

       "This thing is getting so big, till we are going to try to induce the proper authorities, whoever they may
         be, to send a committee to Panama-skity and notify Buck Baker that he was nominated mayor
         of Dothan some two or three months ago. A heart stimulant might be given just before the news is
         suddenly broken to him, that he might be prepared for the shock. In fact, we think that a committee
         should be appointed to notify him, for it is rumored up here, that he has his application in for chief of
         police before the board of aldermen-to-be-elected down there."

Now this is a slander on Buck. Any one noticing his daily duties, sitting on top of a wabbly launch, a possible life saver of the pretty girl beside him, would at once realize he is not a candidate for anything but matrimony, and most assuredly is not in need of any heart stimulant other than that right at hand. And for the position named, he seems to have an unlimited number of charming merry supporters too.

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