Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This 1966 Jay Jays cover of Slim Harpo's I GOT LOVE IF YOU WANT IT tore me up! I love it! The Summer of '66 was my first summer on camp staff. I didn't have a car but I learned the ropes & I got a car the next year & the Summer of '67 IS STILL PAYING OFF fo' ME!
I ALWAYZZZ been a TRUE believer in THE BENEFITS of delayed gratification.
found that bizarre SLIM HARPO Viagra ad where the cat's old car overheats in the desert & he cools off the engine with some bottled water. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! What up with this,"To avoid LONG TERM INJURY (ed. note:!!!!) seek immediate medical help FOR an erection lasting more than four hours." SAY WHAT! Man, I love SLIM HARPO but our grandchildren gotta listen to THAT every morning?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Most members of the Over 60 Crowd can relate to these lyrics :
No time left for you
On my way to better things
No time left for you
I found myself some wings
No time left for you
Distant roads are calling me
No time left for you.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Discovered the work of Jay Hoar while discussing the lives of the last survivors of the Civil War on Facebook. His last, largest & best volume is about to be published soon by Higgenson Book Co. of Salem, Mass. This will essentially be a third edition of a book he published in '86, THE SOUTH'S LAST BOYS IN GRAY. This will be the last of a three volume, 2000 page trilogy. Hoar's first two volumes are entitled, "The North's Last Boys in Blue." (The North gets two volumes and the South one because the North had so many more soldiers in the war, Hoar says.)
Here's a great quote from Jay Hoar
"It's just great material, and when you tell their life stories, it's the old America."



Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Strip Looking West from the front of THE ALABAMA BOOK STORE.
HOMECOMING '66, image courtesy of THE COROLLA

Friday, August 27, 2010

What up with these tumbleweeds rolling through DAH lobbies of our "powerful" Tuscaloosa banks? Sho' glad I ain't gotta pay the debt service on some of these bank buildings. Especially some of them new ones that look like they were designed by an arCHEEEtect who works at a trailer shop in Double Springs. Business might be dead but at least nobody's waiting in line to get to their safety deposit boxes...YET! Most money I heard about being made LAST WEEK came from the gin rummy game down at the Country Club.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine was mighty kind to THE KILLER. During the middle of the Rolling Stone interview with Chuck Berry, Chuck's agent calls him & interrupts the interview to discuss the possibility of a concert with Jerry Lee Lewis.Jerry Lee's new album, MEAN OLD MAN, received a four star review,quote,"the 74-year-old's voice is in prime form- pitch perfect and tough as nails." Phoebe Lewis,Jerry Lee's daughter, wanted to join us in Dothan for THE SONGWRITER'S ROUNDTABLE on September 10, but she'll be with THE KILLER in NYC promoting the new album.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One of the strangest things about growing old is realizing that the two high school teachers you despised the most, MISS Lola Mae Jones & MISS Sarah Langford, taught me more than anyone else. Mean & Hateful Lola Mae taught me Spanish & I still speak Spanish like a child but I use it every day & I find myself reading the Spanish part of the label on products EVERY DAY. Uptight & Ornery Miss Langford taught me typing & now I just typed this to you.
Greg Haynes & Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music are back on their blog plus the book is sold out & selling for $90.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When I lived on Dauphine St. in Faubourg Marigny back in '79, I knew this cat from San Francisco who was a bartender @ THE DREAM PALACE on Frenchman St. He told me this story about this guy he worked for in the mountains outside of San Francisco. This cat started a bar in a remote mountain town & his only goal was to have Van Morrison play in his bar. He worked his tail off for a couple of years and then it happened. Van was playing a gig in the Bay area and agreed to go out to the boondocks & play a gig in the cat's bar. The night that Van played the bar, the owner closed the deal and sold the entire business. Now that's beginning with the end in mind.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The new Saban movie, NICK SABAN:GAME CHANGER premieres Tuesday & Bill Belichick is interviewed in the movie. The premiere is Tuesday @ the Carmike Summit in B'ham. Wide release begins Friday. DVDs will be released before the holidays.
It will also be at Tuscaloosa's Hollywood 16 Friday, August 27th.
They say the movie will now be released in 25 to 30 theatres in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and West Virginia.

Found out this morning that they've gotten me a place at a table on the floor @ THE SONGWRITER'S ROUNDTABLE at the Dothan Civic Center, Friday, Sept. 10. Gonna turn this into a little vacation. Staying @ the Marriott Thurs., Sept. 9 & Fri.,Sept. 10 then I'm heading to the beach until Tuesday. See y'all FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH!!!!
We gonna pull some CA$H out of THE DOTHAN CIVIC CENTER @ 7 P.M. to fight LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE.
That rain @ the end of the week WERE HEAVEN SENT! Got to work indoors plus it wasn't like an oven when I had to go out to the truck. The clouds really brought out the bullbats & I was working in bullbat territory just off of Crescent Ridge in Holt.Those birds are one our most beautiful in flight. Lots of y'all don't know it but we don't have too many Whip-poor-will bullbats in Alabama. We mostly have Chuck-wills-widow.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Archie's Daddy, Jim Bird, has an image of his helicopter on the cover of the book ALABAMA CURIOSITIES.
Day before yesterday Archie asked me, "You know about the helicopter?."
I said,"No."
"Alison and I were out at that dump by Johnny Shines Street you were talking about & DCH had pitched some big ventilation fans & I told Alison,
'Daddy might be able TO DO SOMETHING WITH THIS.' "


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The 2010-2011 School Year has begun @ the University & the big news is there's PLENTY OF PARKING! The first thing they did to the Bryce property @ Campus Dr. & 5th Ave. E. was pave this ginormous parking lot. There are empty spaces in the morning! In fashion news, the textile industry has satisfied the wishes of the vast herds of Coedoppotomuses that roam the campus. You could make a parachute out of the gym shorts those gals wear to class!

Robert Register

When my boss got his copy of the 1893 Corolla, he asked me to find out all I could about Selma's "Hub" Kyser, the Captain of the 1893 Tide. A friend of mine gave me a good history of "Hub" so I was aware that his great-grandson Kyser Miree was murdered in Mobile. PREPARE to be OUTRAGED when you read about the four human turds who took his young life.


Mobile police Detective Charles Bagsby said Kyser Miree was "on his back with his hands up in a defensive position. He was begging them for his life."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Next time you see the Comcast Slowski turtles or Shaq selling cable services or that gold fish flopping on the floor in the asthma ads or the gazillion of Smokey the Bear ads or hear an adopt a foster child/shelter pet ad or hear about how great hands on CPR is or how wreckless teenage drivers need to change their ways or ANY "PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT" starring BARACK or MICHELLE OBAMA, you have the opportunity to point out to your contemporaries that they are seeing something WAY MO' WORSER than the competition for the advertising dollar represented by the emergence of digital entertainment. The big bad thing you are witnessing is public service advertising REPLACING commercial advertising because THIS DAMN RECESSION IS KILLING BUSINESS! Here's a quote from the linked article below:
“If there ever was a time for non-profits and THE GOVERNMENT to release PSA materials,
this is it.”

Monday, August 16, 2010

In my capacity as a Section 8 Maintenance Man in Tuscaloosa for the past 11 years,I've found volunteer reefer growing around the front doors of a lot of houses in Tuscaloosa,especially on 16th St. in the West End & on 23rd Ave.E. in Alberta but I ain't never ever seen it growing less than ten feet from the skreet & less than one hundred feet off of Hackberry Lane less than a half mile off campus. One of the oldest businesses in T-town is pictured on the left. The reefer is amongst the peppers.Kinda makes me think it ain't a volunteer. Folks got a lot of balls these days.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I GLORY IN THE SPUNK of the Benedictine monks of Louisiana's St. Joseph Abbey for suing the LOUISIANA BOARD OF EMBALMERS & FUNERAL DIRECTORS in U.S. District Court because the board is trying to make the monks get a Funeral Director's License & to make the monks remodel the Abbey into a funeral parlor just because the monks want TO SELL WOODEN BOXES!
The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board had violated our state constitution for a century by taking a profit from Alabama's citizens. Thank the Good Lord that now some former students have sued Bama, UAB & Auburn for forcing students to pay "mandatory sums for Dining Dollars" as a condition for enrollment. A Tuscaloosa merchant is quoted in today's B'ham News as saying,"It's like competing against Walmart on steroids." I'm looking forward to watching these three state owned monopolies that openly & illegally exploit Alabama's citizens defend themselves in court. http://www.courthousenews.com/2010/08/13/29567.htm
This cat who is the head of the Philadelphia Housing Authority only made a little over $350,000 working AS A PUBLIC OFFICIAL last year so it's understandable that he would now face foreclosure on his $615,035 condo.
...and to think that all he wanted to do with his life was to help the poor people.
I, Robertoreg, hereby predict A FUTURE where one of my former high school Bilology students who I taught back in the Seventies will soon become A GREAT-GREAT GRANDMOTHER! Born circa: 1960, Deborah is already a GREAT GRANDMOTHER. I know this because I put her & her mother, GREAT-GREAT-GREAT GRANDMA (who's about MY AGE!) in a Section 8 house not long ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s3SNHIH0bs&feature=related

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NETTIE QUILL is a killer band. These cats take ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER & turn it into SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW.They played Copper Top tonight. They're @ THE RED SHED this evening, Thurs., Aug. 12. NETTIE QUILL plays Rounders on The Strip Friday night and Sat. night they'll be @ Moe's BBQ on the corner of Univ. Blvd. & 21st Ave. downtown. Check out THE NETTIE QUILL version of SPOOKY on their myspace page
realized tonight that both times I got married were right after I'd just had the absolute sh*t scared out of me. The first time I got married was right after I'd HAD THE ABSOLUTE SH*T scared out of me in New Orleans & the second time I got married was right after I'd had the absolute sh*t scared out of me in Camden, Maine so maybe I can stay single for a while now if I just avoid FREAKING OUT!


Wanted to let everyone know that I am putting together a little Bill Farmer Combo tribute this week.

My mother, Kate, was a BILL FARMER COMBO groupie back in the day so I went through her papers tonight and found the November 10, 1976 Ed Driggers article in the Eagle, Bill's obit, the Eagle picture from "Bill Farmer Day" at the Elks Club, the Dothan Progress editorial "Bill Farmer, A Brave Man" and a picture of THE BILL FARMER COMBO in the MERMAID ROOM with Glenn Davis on piano, Bill Farmer on organ, vocalist Melannie Jones, Harry Stewart on clarinet and Jim Vickery on drums.

One of the photos has a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andress. Andress played guitar for Bill.

I also have letters from Miss Minnie T. Heard, Miss Laura L. Ferguson and Miss Margaret McCall from 600 Dusy Street which made me cry my own handful this afternoon.

Anything ya'll can shoot my way will be appreciated.

Evahthang oughta be ready by the end of the week.

reg http://robertoreg.blogspot.com

P.S. Here's a part of the Driggers' article:

The first band he played with was called the "Arabian Knights" and their theme song was "The Sheik" members included Harry Bedsole, Robert Morris, D.G. Farmer, Buddy Riley and Willie Coleman.

"We used to play for all the functions," Bill recalled. "At Dothan, Panama City, Port Saint Joe, and all around."

Some of the times he'll never forget were the weekend engagements at Long Beach, near Panama City. As a matter of fact, its casino used to be about the only sign of activity west of Hathaway Bridge. The rest was sand, sea oats and seagulls.

Back in those Depression days, Farmer explained, the band played at Long Beach for a percentage of the door. It would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and the band usually came home "broke and hungry".

"Mama would always have something cooked up," Bill said, "and I'd eat like I hadn't had a square meal since I left home-- and I hadn't!"

"Man, I wish I could get that hungry again!"

Another memorable place was the old BEE LINE CLUB. It was "exclusive" and dancers twirled away the hours in the unforgettable "BLUE ROOM" as Bill Farmer and his band played on.


Monday, August 09, 2010

A female associate of mine who has a keen sense of GAYDAR commented that THE CHEERLEADER CLAP is a sure sign that somebody might need to BREAK OUT OF THE CLOSET & that THE FAST CHEERLEADER CLAP means "SHE" really wanted to be a REAL cheerleader in high school & that "SHE" has also already broken down the closet door with a six inch Lucite heel. ("Lucite matches everything, especially metallic dresses, & they love that CINDERELLA LOOK!")

Friday, August 06, 2010

You get 17,300 results when you Google this.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

In the loading of cotton on the steamboats, the slaves stood at the top of the hill and rolled the cotton down. It was received and stowed away on the boats by the stevedores who were usually Irishmen, the explanation being that,"Negroes were worth too much to be risked below and if one of the Paddies were knocked overboard no one loses anything."
Your Mother & Father may have known my parents. My Daddy, Earl Register, was a partner in Jack Wise Tire Co. out on 84 E. He ran the Elks for many years & was on the board @ General. When you walk into the cancer clinic, the first plaque is dedicated to him. The nursing scholarship @ Wallace is named after my Mama.