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Los Angeles Times sports writer Chris Dufresne in his article, IF AUBURN LOSES, EVERYBODY WINS, invokes the spirit of Coach Bryant & calls upon THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT OF THE CRIMSON TIDE to whip Auburn & prevent a national nightmare in the world of college football.,0,3750270.column?page=1
It ain't never gonna be fair that y'all have ignored us, however...

Tough questions,Kev, but here goes:

A) The Five Best Songs Ever Written or Performed by an Alabama artist

1) LOVESICK BLUES written & performed by Hank Williams


3) GEORGIA PINES written by Buddy Buie & John Rainey Adkins; performed by Wilbur Walton, Jr., & THE JAMES GANG

4) RED HOT CHICKEN written by Jimmy Hall, Lewis Ross, John Anthony, Jack Hall, Ricky Hirsch, Wick Larsen & performed by WET WILLIE

5) 634-5789 written by Eddie Floyd (AL native) & Steve Cropper & performed by Eddie Floyd & Wilson Pickett (AL native)

Who, in your opinion, is the most talented musician/singer to come out of Alabama?
Hank Williams
runner up: Jimmy Hall

C) What do you think is the best album of all time by an Alabama artist?

What is the best unheard of Alabama artist or album?

E) What is your favorite historical moment or episode in Alabama musical history?

When an Alabama cat named W.C. Handy witnessed another cat playing slide @ the depot in Tutwiler.

What is your favorite personal moment?
When Buddy Buie came back to Tuscaloosa in '06!

What is your favorite performance ever by an Alabama artist (or by a non-Alabama artist in Alabama)? Wet Willie opening for the Allmans back in the early 70's in Memorial Coliseum here in Tuscaloosa.

H) What is your favorite lyric from an Alabama band?
"Who's gonna have the last say
about what you take with you
when it comes down to THAT MOMENT OF TRUTH"
ALABAMA'S Nathan Glick IS an incredible artist. A B'ham native, he attended high school in Montgomery and then studied art in NYC. He was Art Director for Paragon Press which did all the yearbooks & he designed those enormous doors on the front of the Archives & History building.He's famous for his WWII illustrations of air combat & he worked for PROGRESSIVE FARMER until his retirement in '77. He's now 98 & living in B'ham. Here's his take on the burning of The University by Croxton on April 4, 1865 from the March 31, 1938 issue of Montgomery's THIS WEEK'S NEWS.
A & M~
Thought you two might appreciate this.
Lee found a bunch of copies of this entertainment newspaper (circa 1938) called THIS WEEK'S NEWS OF ALABAMA'S CAPITAL CITY. There's some Selma news in it. Mainly that a lot of Montgomery organizations like women's clubs and bowling leagues had Selma branches.
Each issue has four of five Alabama History cartoons by Nathan Glick.
Here's Glick's view of the Yankee assault on Selma's earthworks.
My boss' Dad owned a cafe in Montgomery during the thirties. He was one of the main advertisers for THIS WEEK'S NEWS. This little sheet is filled with classic gossip, jokes & philosophy but I think this parody of the Twenty-third Psalm is the best: "The politician is my shepherd. I shall not want for anything during this campaign. He leadeth me into the drug store for his vote's sake. He filleth my pocket with cheap cigars; my flask runneth over. He inquireth concerning my family, even unto the fourth generation. Yea, though I walk through the mud and rain to vote for him and shout myself hoarse when he is elected, straightway he forgetteth me. Although I meet him at his own house, he knoweth me not. Surely the wool has been pulled over my eyes all the days of my life and I shall dwell in THE HOUSE OF THE CHUMP FOREVER."
Some of you guitar pickers out there in South Alabama Facebook Land can rilly appreciate this ART'S MUSIC SHOP ad from the March 17, 1938 issue of Montgomery's THIS WEEK'S NEWS OF ALABAMA'S CAPITAL CITY, an entertainment/gossip rag put out by Wayne E. Scrivener. The movie theaters were the Paramount, Empire, Strand & Tivoli. I think the Strand had the best deal for kids on Sattiddee: SATURDAY ONLY ~ THE OLD WYOMING TRAIL with Charles Starrett. Plus "Male or Female," an Our Gang Comedy and Chapter Two of "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars."

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MOONPIE317 does a pretty good job with this parody of SON OF A PREACHER MAN. Virtually every scandal Auburn now faces is in this song.



Like I said when you said,"This is Manera."
"WOW !"

Think about us just doing this.

I've sent you a friend request on Facebook.

You should know that ALL IN THE WORLD I want to do is to spend some time with you.

It was so wonderful to hear your voice once more.
Thanks for calling me.
I'll call you.

MARK "yes".

There is NO ~ NOTHIN' ~ NADA
Thank goodness, the local yokels are gearing up for this SUPER opportunity to let our grandchildren, nieces & nephews know that when they visit all that FEDERAL display @ Andersonville, they can remember that over 6000 of their g-g-g-great uncles and grandpas are buried up off OUT into
& amongst SOME sketchy COLD ghetto Chicago mass grave that wasn't EVEN marked for 35 yrs.
READ EMBATTLED CONFEDERATES! An Illustrated History of Southerners at War!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm so glad to have this melanoma thing off of me.
I'm still gonna have to go in for checkups every 6 months but that's good for a negligent s.o.b. like me.

I miss you so bad.
Wish you'd just call me once in a while when you feel like it.
I just wanna hear your voice.

Before I left town Sunday, I took some pictures I think you'd like.


Saliba built it with the floor at the height of the wagon body so you could pull your wagons through the grocery & they could be loaded right into the bed of the wagon.

W. Main Side of Saliba Grocery


Frist Instance of Slavery in the Bible

Eban a mule don't work all dah timezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Robert Register Our good friend, Buddy Buie, likes what TANTON, BURKE & THE CREW did
with his song, DREAMY ALABAMA. I'm so glad Buddy likes TANTON'S effort.
This song, the first of 35 on this site, represents the initial effort
of TANTON & company to give Buie's music a new interpretation. Buie
says this is "very cool and interesting"... but he'd "still like to hear a
version with a Joe Cocker vocal approach and a nasty blues guitar."

Robert Register Here's that blue moon rising over a cotton field between Brannon Stand
& Midland City yesterday evening. It was a great omen as I headed
down the road to Tuscaloosa after another wonderful weekend in my

Robert Register Reminds me of Selma's State Senator Sanders getting on that robo call during the campaign & hollering about "ain't going back to the cotton fields." Hank, what you going back for? Are you gonna try to kill the fire ants?
Yeah, the Freudian slip most people make is when they ask the question, " In which song did Zappa write 'WHAT'S THE DIRTIEST PART OF YOUR BODY?' "
ZAPPA never wrote that.


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Our good friend, Buddy Buie, likes what TANTON, BURKE & THE CREW did with his song, DREAMY ALABAMA. I'm so glad Buddy likes TANTON'S effort. This song, the first of 35 on this site, represents the initial effort of TANTON & company to give Buie's music a new interpretation. Buie says this is "very cool and interesting" but he'd "still like to hear a version with a Joe Cocker vocal approach and a nasty blues guitar."
Here's that blue moon rising over a cotton field between Brannon Stand & Midland City yesterday evening. It was a great omen as I headed down the road to Tuscaloosa after another wonderful weekend in my hometown.
Enterprise might have The Boll Weevil Monument but Dothan has THE MONUMENT TO THE HOG by the Godwin brothers, Larry & Ronald. I love most all the roadside art in town but this is about the oldest, circa 1967, & it's still my favorite.
October 10, 1995
COACH-William D. IIBull" Horne
ASSISTANT COACH-Dwight IILefty" Wright
Trainer-Dr. C. D. Cox
QB-Ivan Passmore
C-Snapper B. Goode
LT-Hugh G. Balles
LHB-Ron Amuck RHB--JacquesStrappe
RG-B.A. Blocker LG-Buster D. Legg
WR-N.E. Hand TE-Harry Palmer
FB--Jody Greinder
RT-Rocky Rhodes
This week's pick was an easy one. Flippen, Georgia is a small rural town of about 3,000
people, south of Atlanta, between Morrow and McDonough. Whatever they lack in population, they
make up for in heart and soul on the local high school football field. The undefeated Flippen
Boogers are having another fine winning streak and as of today, are 610.Experts predict that they
will once again win the state championship. Looks like another memorable year for Coach Home
and his fine boys. The Boogers have won the state class A football championship 12 times in the
last 20 years, and they are respected all over the state. Many past members of the teams have
gone on to football success in college and the pros. Under the dynamic leadership of longtime
coach and 1962 alumni William "Bull" Home, the mighty Boogers have achieved an unequaled
athletic success record. They are a small team, and many of the players have to play both offense
and defense. They get tired, they don't complain, they just do it. Small in number, but big in heart.
Coach Home was presented with a lifetime achievement award last year at the annual sports
banquet at the Jodeco Road Waffle House. Whenasked about his secret for consistently winning
more games than any football coach in Georgia history, Coach Horne said, "Player happiness.
A happy team is a successful team, and I always make sure my boys are happy. You have to keep
their spirits up. You don't win championships with unhappy players. It's simple, if you make them
happy they will do anything for you, and if you make them unhappy, they will do nothing for you.
It's your choice as a coach." Coach Horne believes that his once a week (never when it's raining)
30 minute practice sessions, the nonstop womanizing, the lack of sleep, and a healthy diet of cold
beer, french fries, and chocolate MoonPies contributes to the team's phenomenal success. Coach
Home is a big man (6"5"' 29Slbs) and often says, "Just look at Babe Ruth. He was overweight and
often drunk while playing, but he was the greatest baseball player of all time." I reminded the
good coach that we were talking about football here, not baseball. He said, " It doesn't matter
what sport. A jock is ajock. My boys outplay many guys who are in much better shape. But, we
always beat them. It's the power of positive thinking. I'm into winning football games, not
producing role models. Weare ballplayers, not pretty boys. Slobs rule."

Coach Horne believes that other coaches, who make their players practice twice a day,
abstain from sex, get adequate rest, and eat healthy diets often do more harm than good. He says,
1'7"00 much practice takes the fun out of the game, causes too many injuries, and makes the
players tired and unhappy. I've only got 15players, and if any of them get mad at me and quit the
team, I might have to send in some of our cheerleaders as replacements." Co-Captain Mabel
McElroy (5" 2"' 205) says she's ready to go anytime she's needed. Now that's school spirit. He
added, IWhat if a kid comes here, behaves himself, avoids the girls, eats healthy food, does all
the right things, is a rising star with scholarship offers galore, and then gets his knee blown out
in the last game of his senior year. He'll never play again. There goes his scholarship, and he's
missed all that incredible teenage fun for nothing. I just can't do that to a kid. Youonly live once."
Onthe subject of player diet, the good coach says, " If you force players to eat food that doesn't
taste good, they are going to show up at practice, or the game, in a bad mood, unable to focus,
and they will not play well. Broccoli is healthy, but it tastes terrible. Thinking about broccoli puts
me in a bad mood. My boys get their protein from beer, their carbohydrates from french fries, and
their energy from the chocolate Moon Pies. It's not brain surgery, but, now that I think about it,
it might be heart surgery for them someday. I would never ask my boys to abstain from sex. It's
the greatest mood booster in the world. Have you ever tried to playa football game horny and
after eating broccoli? It just doesn't work. Talk about a bad mood. I can tell when one of my boys
shows up at practice or a game freshly laid. He plays with more enthusiasm than normal He is
wound up and running on ten. I like that." Always a powerhouse, the 1995Flippen Boogers have
been further strengthened by the recent arrival of two talented foreigners. This year's starting
quarterback with the golden arm, Ivan Passmore, is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and the fleet
footed new halfback, and leading rusher, Jacques Strappe, is from Paris, France. Ivan's family
owned a vodka fat;tory in Russia, and Jacque's family owned a winery in the south of France.
Their old world family connections ship treats to the boys, and help keep the team happy. The
team has benefitted greatly from the recent arrival of complementary alcoholic beverages, and
it's more fun than drinking Gatorade. Aided in the backfield by junior speedster Ron Amuck and
senior fullback Jody Greinder, the running oHense seems unstoppable. Sophomore tight end
Harry Palmer andjunior wide receiver N.E. Hand round out the passing attack. Both average 8or
more receptions per game. Senior kicker/punter Tom Atoe has not missed an extra point or field
goal in three seasons, and averages 51yards per punt. Pretty remarkable for a boy who had polio
in his right leg as a child. Center Snapper B. Goode and guard Buster D. Legg, both seniors, have
been working out daily at the county jail, and are expected to make bail and be ready to play
Friday night. If their families can't get them out, the coach can. Sophomore tackles Hugh G. Balles
and Rocky Rhodes both have part time jobs at McDonald's, but have arranged with their shift
supervisor to be 0"for the game. Whenquestioned about rumors that fullback Jody Greinder was
intoxicated when he ran the wrong way and scored a touchdown for the opposing team last week,
Coach Home replied, "That's called positive motivation. Wewere ahead 86 to nothing, and I let
him do that just to make the other team feel good and boost their self esteem. That coach is a
buddy of mine, and he really hates a shutout. No need for me to ruin his day." In response to
allegations that halfback Jacques Strappe was caught fondling the captain of the cheerleaders
under the bleachers at half time last week, Coach Home said, "Well, you know how them
Frenchmen are." And finally, in response to allegations by the referee, that the team members
were passing around a marijuana joint in the huddle, and not offering him any, thereby causing
a delay of game penalty, Coach Home said, "I see nothing, I see nothing." The Flippen Boogers
are heavy favorites this Friday night at home against the Pitt County Bulldogs.
No matter how cute this video might me, I hate it. I don't hate it because it might be considered sacrilegious (faux-baby Jesus selling diapers). I hate it because it's sponsored by Pampers. Pampers are a nightmare for me because some tenants like to wrap them up, drop them on the floor and let them sit. Other tenants are more enterprising. They save money by not buying ANY diapers at all and just let the rug rats run wild. The results are unimaginable.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My brother-in-law, Buddy Henry, is now regularly seeing eagles around his pond beside Cowarts Creek. That's less than a mile from the Dothan City Limits. He's guessing that they are coming over from Lake Seminole or the river to feed on the mice & other varmints in the peanut fields.
Had a wonderful time in Dothan last night @ THE TURKEY TROT with THE STRANGERS & guest, Wilbur Walton, Jr. Got a little tired on the way home today so I practiced recognizing Alabama car tags by the county's number. I'm pretty good but I've got friends who are waaaay better. My trick is I remember that 10 is Butler, 20 is Colbert, 30 is Escambia, 40 is Lamar, 50 is Marshall and 60 is Sumter. I use those as mental markers and then plug the others into that grid. It also helps to remember 15 is Choctaw, 25 is Cullman, 35 is Greene, 45 is Lowndes & 55 is Pike.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's gonna take a miracle to get me on the road before noon but the wheels of progress are turning once again. I got permission from Buddy to stay @ The Farm so I'll be able to appreciate once again the wonders of Cowarts which includes my sister Becky's outstanding collection of white enamel ware. She's got so much of that stuff you start thinking you're inside the operating room @ THE MOBILE INFIRMARY @ the turn of the 19th century. See all you Rec Center GEEZERS @ THE DOTHAN CONFERENCE CENTER Sattiddee night. WILBUR @ THE STRANGERS will kick it off @ 7:30. $5 cover (CHEAP!). Do yourself a favor, take a walk on the wild side & rock out with us, THE YOUNG JR. BABY CRIMINALZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

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Have you heard this version of your song,
Dreamy Alabama ?

The next show the Rolling Stones did was Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater on May 6, 1965 during their 22-show 1ST AMERICAN TOUR.
Pretty sho' Paul Cochran booked that gig.
That night, Keith Richards found the guitar riff for (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction in his sleep, when he briefly woke up in his room at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, recorded the riff and the phrase "I can't get no satisfaction", and went back to sleep.
I need to ask Rodney Mills about that gig. I'm sure he was with THE BUSHMEN who opened.
Randall Bramblett says HIS ROCK MOMENT IN TIME was May 4, 1965 when he went to see the Stones @ Georgia Southern at a concert sponsored by Sigma Epsilon Chi (SEX).
Remember that scene in the Graduate where the guy tells Dustin Hoffman,"PLASTICS!" Well,two other important words are "free margins" as in "all margins are free of malignant melanoma." After the weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I thought of the tune MOMENT OF TRUTH, Cut 34 on this TANTON link

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can you imagine what his ANIMAL HUSBANDRY INSTRUCTOR @ Auburn thinks right now! WAUH EAGLE!
Listen to Tanton's Congo Square (cut 18 on this link) & JUST BEFORE DAYLIGHT (CUT 31)
Wonder whether THE WORTHY MATRON ever consecrated some ST. JOHN THE CONQUEROR root over on Hickory Skreet in Kaulton.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm already packing for the trip DOWN HOME this weekend for THE TURKEY TROT @ THE DOTHAN CONFERENCE CENTER. Kick off the HOLIDAYS right with some true legends of Dothan music. The Rec Center crowd will be there & they'll all be dancing whether they're on the floor or sitting in their comfortable chairs @ this non-smoking venue. Catered by the BBQ Shack. Enjoy some delicious sandwiches & Brunswick Stew! Band starts @ 7:30. SEE YA THERE!
I got this picture of the snake, however, it escaped during the photo shoot so, myself, at the pitiful age of just 36 could have EASILY had a heart attack because I had to catch the pissed off 62 inch SON OF A BITCH Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake & KILL IT OR I WAS IN DEEP YOU-KNOW -WHAT!
This shot is from the summer of '86. Pretty sure it was Buddy, Bobby Poole, Wild Man & me on a day trip down to Cape San Blas. This HUGE diamondback crossed the road & I begged everybody to let me catch it. I pulled it's tail to get it to coil & then I worked on it's head a little with the sharp edge of a tire tool but it woke up on the way to Dothan so we had to hear that rattling in the trunk all the way to town. When we got to the Farm, Buddy told me, "Kill it!" I pleaded my case that I wanted to take a picture of it in the morning. Buddy told me he wanted to see that snake's hide when he came to The Farm in the morning & if he didn't see it, he'd have my hide.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This image from the 1902 Corolla clearly shows you the original Locks 1, 2 & 3 on the Black Warrior @ Tuscaloosa.
Margo, do ya know anything about somebody named LITTLE RUBE WYKER. He was a freshman @ Bama in '02. I found all this in THE REALM OF THE FRESHMAN ~ CLASS OF '05
MOTTO: O, I Want to go Home.
I found an article about FSU's Coach Mickey Andrews quoting BILLY KNOWLES who played with Andrews @ Ozark's Carroll High. They both made All State in '59. Andrews was first team and Knowles was Honorable Mention. THE OZARK BILLY KNOWLES played ball @ Georgia. Could he be our DHS Coach Knowles?
While I was in the doctor's office, I read a magazine article about beautiful beaches & they mentioned three in Hawaii: Lanikai in Oahu
Hulopoe in Lanai
& Kaanapali on Maui
Here's another PANAMA CITY ad from Lee's copy of Staunton Military Academy's 1920 yearbook, THE BLUE & GOLD.
You don't slow my boss, Lee Pake, down. Not only did he get a 1902 Corolla in the mail today, he hit all the garage sales & antique shops between Panama City Beach & Dothan where he acquired a 1920 copy of THE BLUE & GOLD, the yearbook of the Staunton Military Academy in Staunton, Va. Here's a pre-Hathaway bridge ad for Panama City which came out of it that I feel is significant.
Left to right: Coach McCall, George Saad (?) Coach Sirmon, Joe Barber, Coach Knowles, RAY HUTTO (73)
Went to the Pub for Closing Time this morning & a big group of football fans were raising hell out on the patio & right when I walked up, one of 'em yelled, "OUR-GASM, what in the hell is an OUR-GASM?"
"I don't know either but can I watch?", I remarked as I walked in the door of the Pub. I tell ya what folkzizissssssss, if we beat Auburn, we all gonna HAVE an OUR-GASM rite cheer in OLD TUSKEELOOSEE THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!
Check out DOTHAN TIGERS Benny Doster (61) & RAY HUTTO (73) beaming down on The Enterprise WILDCAT'S Weigand (23).

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Football is an emotional game & this Kenny Chesney video tugs at my emotions. I still have vivid memories of working three yrs. for N.K. @ Young Jr. I heard that one time a reporter asked N.K. why he spent his entire career coaching ball at a jr. high. N.K. answered, "We play real football at Young Jr." THE BABY TIGERS played ball FOR CERTAIN!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Old Sid Vicious got out his misery in Feb. of '79. On the night he made bail, his Mama bought him some pure heroin and he ODed. I had fun playing Sid for one night in '78 but I have never understood why somebody young & in perfect health can find so many excuses to be miserable. Life & God have ALWAYS been so good to me that I just never saw a reason to throw it all away. When I go, I'll go kicking and screaming!
Notice the torn V-neck Fruit of the Loom t-shirt. Those were way hip in '78 because Springsteen had worn one on the cover of DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN. Not only that, I'd worked with Fruit of the Loom that summer during the introduction of UNDERROOS. They ended up insulting me so I let 'em know I could cloud up and rain all over them right quick so I left Bowling Green, KY. and headed for San Francisco where I got a job but quit it on the first day because of the nightmares I had about California the night before. I came back to Alabama where I belonged plus I knew my Mama needed me.
1978 was one hell of year for me. I was 28 yrs. old & I bet I had ten different jobs that year. In October I was back in Tuscaloosa working night shift as an orderly on the Disruptive Behavior Unit at Partlow and teaching an education course @ The University during the day where I videotaped undergrads teaching they lessons. In October, Sid Vicious allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death and then later attempted suicide. That made him the perfect character for me to portray on HALLOWEEN '78.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DOTHAN, ALABAMA ~ Looking forward to seeing some mo' morons live to regret putting her down without any basis AT ALL!
Buie gets his hit, Stormy, on TOMMY ROE'S Biggest Album, DIZZY, & his name ends up "B. Boni".
Wonder if he raised hell BACK THEN with abc records like he did with SONY when John Legend (a.k.a. Kanye West) stole STORMY. HeHeHe!
Here's the two checks that paid for my delivery @ THE MOODY HOSPITAL.
$75 CA$H MONEY fo' Dr. Mazyck's assistance in getting my light-skinned ass back home to Dothan on the afternoon of April 29, 1950.
I'm pretty sure this is an image of Goldsboro & Danny but it's on an album from '77 so this picture was probably over 5 yrs. old by then. Somebody shoot this to Danny or Mary Alice or any of 'em & get me some inside stuff on this photo.
Pretty sho' this is ROBERTOREG @ Easter '52 on Dusy Street before walking down to LaFayette St. Methodist Church. The people who live there now seem to be real nice & they got all kinds of stuff growing around there.
Dug this out of the archives tonight. Must be the winter of '76-'77. I was 26 & Mountain Brook's Laurie Bensberg was 21 or 22. We were out in the woods at the springs on Big Sandy Creek between Coaling & Duncanville.
Daddy's Bomb Squad's patch was BUGS BUNNY riding a bomb firing two six shooters; a real ATMOSPHERIC JESSE JAMES! Earl's Bomb Squad, the 446th , was a part of THE 57TH BOMBARDMENT WING which included Joseph Heller's 340th BOMB SQUAD.
Watched WWII in HD on THE History Channel with my son, Yea Man & his girlfriend. Because that TV show is in color, they can better appreciate what my Daddy, Earl Register, helped to achieve. My Daddy was in the same BOMBARDMENT WING with Joseph Heller so when read Catch 22 you get a peek @ what Earl went through. We've gotta web page for Earl connected to a link to his unit's website.
This series of 1934 German stamps from THE PAKE COLLECTION lets you know what they were fightin' for.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

"We are learning, as has every generation passing before us, that memories gain value when those who make them leave us."
Received an email from Igor this evening that our old friend & Facebook friend Roger Hagerty aka DICK FOOTE of Raudelunas had a heart attack and died at his house after playing tennis last night. I have many wonderful memories of Roger from his days in Tuscaloosa. This is an image taken by John Earl of THE HAIGHT HUT which was the first head shop in Tuscaloosa. Behind it you can see 1414 Univ. Blvd. Roger lived upstairs in the middle apartment.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

This Bob Weston poster bought my groceries and paid my motel bills for three years back in 80s. All the way from Bar Harbor to Gainesville then back up to Ann Arbor, Bloomington, Urbana, Madison & St. Paul, I lived the life of a peddler making sure that lovely women had a fresh supply of handmade sweaters, earbobs, handbags & belts. (TRADE SECRET~ Womensizzzz can't get enough of those four items 'cause they uses 'em to change their outfits)

Friday, November 05, 2010


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Circle Saturday, Nov. 20,on your calender and GET READY TO ROCK with THE STRANGERS & special guest recording artist, WILBUR WALTON,JR., @ THE DOTHAN CONFERENCE CENTER located out toward Napier Field on Oxmoor.Good directions may be found on the LINKS section of THE STRANGERS website This is a beautiful NON-SMOKING VENUE with a CA$H BAR & burgers, BBQ & Brunswick Stew provided by THE BBQ SHACK.Doors open @ 6 & the band starts up @ 7:30 SHARP! No Bama or Auburn game that Saturday so DUST OFF YOUR DANCING SHOES & join THE REC CENTER CROWD as we kick off the 2010 HOLIDAY SEASON WITH A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!!!
More details will follow concerning SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20's TURKEY TROT @ THE DOTHAN CONFERENCE CENTER but I wanna encourage all you cats to work together & maybe THINK ABOUT sitting in @ a couple of practices with THE STRANGERS so we can KICK OFF THE HOLIDAY SEASON RIGHT & MAKE THIS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!!! WILBUR is @ THE TOP OF HIS GAME! You oughta hear him sing "SIX DAYS ON THE ROAD"!
Heading back to Dothan on Saturday, Nov. 20, for the TURKEY TROT with THE STRANGERS & special guest artist,WILBUR WALTON,JR.,@ THE DOTHAN CONFERENCE CENTER located out toward Napier Field on Oxmoor.That week Bama's playing on Thursday,Auburn's gotta BYE WEEK so there's no excuse for not hanging out with THE REC CENTER CROWD & WILBUR SATTIDDEE NITE!!!! BAND STARTS @ 8!
Man,if we can get out of town by about ten we can make it to Downtown Dothan before 3. I can give you the full tour and we'll kick in the cemetery to boot. THE TURKEY TROT don't start till 8. Bama's game that week in on Thurs. in Tuscaloosa. Have no idea what Auburn's doing.WE GOT PALM TREES IN OUR CEMETERY!
Pat, since you like Ms. Luta's plot, I'm gonna trespass on your WALL! Here's my favorite seat for work breaks during the Summer of '68! I'm going down home Saturday, Nov. 20 for THE TURKEY TROT. Coming back the neck day! Pack your satchel! You're welcome!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The following link shows examples of sculpture produced by both Ronald & Larry Godwin.
Larry Godwin is the cat who constructed to big bird dog that sits on top of the art studio @ THE KENTUCK CENTER in Northport. Pretty sure he constructed this bull located between Troy & Brundidge @ the stock yards.This link shows many examples of his tremendous body of work.
I took this picture Sunday of THE BIG CHROME ROOSTER parked outside of Art Wurks near Brundidge. I've always admired the work of the Godwin Brothers but I really enjoyed discovering so many examples of their work on the Net tonight.
The impressive granite obelisk in THE DOTHAN CITY CEMETERY erected @ the grave of Luta Irene Young in 1908.
In my professional opinion (I cut the grass in the Dothan City Cemeteries in the Summers of '68 & '69) this is one of the most impressive statues in either cemetery. This large monument marks the grave of Mrs. Luta Young who died in 1908. I always liked to take my breaks sitting on the coping around her plot. When I worked there only the angels thumbs were gone. Now she's lost her hands.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I think I may have a long lost cousin finding me on FACEBOOK! Just like the movie, SOCIAL NETWORK , this stuff is KOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZMICK! Looking at this family portrait, I now understand where the hair on my ears comes from! I don't think this side of my family is gonna rejoice in the poll results today!
Cottonwood's BOBBY POOLE is the reason why I got my job with Lee Pake. My family had complimentary room & board @ THE ADMIRAL SEMMES on Government St. in Mobile @ the end of that week of April 9, 1999 but I was supposed to come back to Tuscaloosa & work @ Tuscaloosa Chevrolet on Sattiddee. I missed work to go to Bobby Poole's funeral so they fired me. All of my possessions in my office fit in an oil can box. I immediately went up River Hill & went to work for Lee.
Dennis Yost's version of Buddy Buie, J.R. Cobb & John Rainey Adkins' 24 HOURS OF LONELINESS is in stark contrast to WILBUR'S.

Monday, November 01, 2010

THE STRANGERS let me have their big HALLOWEEN ROCK-A-RAMA poster from THE DOTHAN CONFERENCE CENTER. I left it @ my sister, Becky, & her husband, Buddy's, farm house near Cowarts.
WILBUR doesn't have a clue how famous he is in England,New Zealand & Australia! "24 HOURS OF LONELINESS" was written by Buddy Buie, J.R. Cobb & John Rainey Adkins.
THE STRANGERS without their lead singer, Danny Kennedy.
L. to R. : Larry Coe, Sid White, Carl Adams (older brother of DHS Sr. '68 Jo Ann Adams) & Jimmy Dean.