Monday, November 30, 2009

wants all of Wilbur Walton, Jr.'s fans to listen to FOLK BLUES # 5. The owner of Playground Recording Studio called it "one of the most original and unique chunks of music and poetry that has come through here in the last couple of years."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

watched the first half @ The Red Bar & the second @ The Beach Bar in Laguna. All of the Sea Hags hugged me after Bama won. Probably watch FLA-FLA State @ J. Michael's & The No Name. This comes to you via the PCB Library computer. Nice Folkzzzzz!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

has finally kicked off his Thanksgiving holidays. Ready to leave in the morning for lunch @ my sister, Becky, and my brother-in-law Buddy's house in Cottonwood. I'll leave there in the early afternoon & head for Panama City. Hope to get a sneak peak this weekend @ some incredible art that's to be unveiled next month.(hint: McCarty's "Twenty Six Miles of Paradise") Will probably watch the Auburn game @ The No Name or The Red Bar or maybe AJ's.
had a cat call 911 on me today and when I heard him tell the emergency operator,"He White!," I yelled so loud the operator & the recorder could hear me,"Don't stick your racist tags on me. You don't know what I am! I light-skinned!" I told one of my buddies about it during Happy Hour @ The Possum Den #2 this afternoon and he said,"If you'd been my skin color, he wouldn't've called nobody!" Made me feel like a stranger in a strange land when none of it should be strange in the frist place.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


At least you can't blame that awful cold on me.
You wouldn't even give me a damn kiss Friday night after you drove me home from Little Willies!

Tomorrow is Lee's 69th birthday so be prepared for the unexpected.

Check out the movies & let me know which one ya might like to see:

Also think about food. Nix in the Sticks, Wintzell's, Logan's Roadhouse, Pepito's in N'port & Broadway Pizza are probably my favorites but there are a lot of places where I haven't eaten. Just think about it and let me know if ya feel like eating something.

Ethan Gardiner
is playing @ Gnemi's starting @ 10:30.
There's Karaoke @ Rhythm & Brews.
Some kind of acoustic music is supposed to be playing @ Brown's Corner from 8 till 12.

Hope ya feel well enough to do something tomorrow night.

I'll check with Lee & see if it's O.K. for us to go out to the lake house & build a fire.


Monday, November 23, 2009

DSB on the right.