Saturday, January 30, 2010

got a kick out of watching the hour long video of yesterday's ceremony of the unveiling of Roy Orbison's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is #2400 & his star is positioned near John Lennon's & George Harrison's. The video doesn't get going until about 23 minutes in but then,WOW!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

invites everybody in T-town down to Little Willie's tonight to hear Alabama's most talented couple, Glenn & Libba. Libba played in Forecast back in the day & Glenn played with Chuck Leavell, Paul Hornsby & Charlie Hayward in Southcamp back when the first Quads were going on by that electrical outlet by the big oak on the Quad south of Army ROTC. Dothan Folks need to go see David Adkins @ R.J. Saxons tonight.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

wants you to tell anybody with Country Crossing that I got ideas about entertainment based on the fact that George Washington drew the line of the First Southern Boundary of The United States which is located near the development. The man who did it on the ground, Andrew Ellicott, in present day Houston County in August of 1799,
basically wrote Washington & said "If you don't fight 'em now. You gonna have to fight 'em later."

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Let me tell you something

I was sitting out on my new deck (courtesy of Kelvin) tonight and I thought of the time I was sitting out there in September of '08 and I realized you were probably going to let me have my way with you. I think I jumped out of my lawn chair.
It was a warm feeling.

I found something tonight I think you'll like.
I'm polishing off my Ellicott material so I can pitch an exhibit of his work.

Going through my stuff I found this old xeroxed journal article I told you about last year when we talked about doing a natural guide to the grounds of Sturdivant.

It could possibly open a new door into our relationship but I wanna tell ya some things first.

I got cursed with a good memory. My Daddy and his brother were way more worse than me. My Daddy remembered when he learned to walk. His brother who grew up po' as Job's turkey was Valedictorian of Dothan High in like '44. He was also President of the Student Body.

My first year on staff was '66 but I didn't meet you during anything connected to Scout Camp. I met you at an EYC Social. You were always Culberson's girl I guess but I tried & I appreciate you setting me up with Jacquetta. That made my life as a teenager!

When we were in the process of breaking up during last summer you wrote me this terrible email about how different we were. How we came from SUCH different backgrounds. How we'd had all these different experiences. I hated it. I still think it's bunk and whoever the S.O.B. is who took my place is, I don't wanna meet.


Whether we ever meet again or not, I'm gonna get you a copy of Associate Professor of Horticulture at Auburn, Henry P. Orr's January 1958 The Alabama Review article entitled DECORATIVE PLANTS AROUND HISTORIC ALABAMA HOMES.

Regardless of our carnal disagreements, we do have common interests.